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Zia Ghavami, M.D.

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Sustaining a healthy weight and proper nutrition is critical for people of all ages. As children grow and develop, ensuring they have all of the necessary nutrients and right amount of calories helps them to be at their best. Dr. Ghavami at Comprehensive Pediatric Care can help families and children maintain healthy weight from his office in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Weight Management Q & A

How can I tell if my child is at a healthy weight?

Children grow and develop at different rates and at different times, so doctors use a percentile chart to decide if a child is within a normal weight and height range. Doctors will also use body mass index, or BMI, as a guide for weight as well. These charts and measurements are meant to guide the doctor, not necessarily provide exact answers. They offer a baseline that Dr. Ghavami will analyze. During adolescence, some children can gain weight or grow taller without the other aspects of their growth progressing at the same rate; this can skew the results when using a BMI chart.  Parents who are worried that their child may be over or underweight should contact the office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ghavami.

What are the risks associated with being over or underweight?

Sustaining a healthy weight is the key to physical and emotional development. There is an array of health issues associated with being overweight such as heart problems, diabetes, and sleep disorders, even in children. However, being underweight can also create problems with stunted growth and progress. An unhealthy weight can keep a child from joining in sports and activities which can also make them feel very unhappy. This frequently occurs with many aspects of life when weight isn’t maintained. Young people want very much to fit in with their peers and could feel isolated if they believe they are “too fat” or “too skinny” to fit in.

What is weight loss and nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling assists children and adolescents, and their parents, with understanding the body’s nutritional and caloric needs. Then Dr. Ghavami can create an eating plan to ensure that the right amount of calories and nutrients are eaten every day. This can help children who are picky about food to take control over their choices and sustain health. It can help young athletes to ensure they consume enough calories of the right foods in order to stay strong and fit. Counseling can also help children who are underweight to consume appropriate calories for their needed growth and development. Dr. Ghavami can help families understand dietary needs and make healthy food choices.